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Right-click on file and select "Save target as" and then select the destination on your computer. These are .zip files that will unzip into an installation CD image. If you need more assistance, contact us for detailed instructions.

Sage ACT 15.0 Premium (2013)
ACT! 15.0 PRO (2013)
ACT! 15.0 Premium Access via Internet Browser (2013)

Hotfix 1 for Sage ACT 14.1 (2012 SP1)--All Versions

How to Download and Apply ACT! 2012 SP1 Hot Fix 1

ACT! 14.1 Premium (2012 SP1) for access via Windows
ACT! 14.1 Pro (2012 SP1)
ACT! 14.1 Premium (2012 SP1) for access via Internet Browser

ACT! 14.0 Premium (2012) for access via Windows
ACT! 14.0 Pro (2012)
ACT! 14.0 Premium (2012) for access via Internet Browser

ACT! 13.1 Premium (2011 SP1)
ACT! 13.1 Pro (2011 SP1)

Hotfix 3 for Sage ACT 13.1 (2011 SP1)--All Versions

How to Download and Apply ACT! 2011 SP1 Hot Fix 3


ACT! 13.0 Premium (2011)
ACT! 13.0 Pro (2011)
Hotfix 2 for Sage ACT 2011--All Versions


ACT! for Windows 12.1 with SP1 (2010) (includes Hotfix 1)
ACT! for Windows Premium 12.1 with SP1 (2010) (includes Hotfix 1)
ACT! for Windows 12.0 (2010) (includes Hotfix 1)
ACT! for Windows Premium 12.0 (2010) (includes Hotfix 1)

ACT! for Windows 11.1 (2009)
ACT! for Windows Premium 11.1 EX(2009)

ACT! for Windows 10.0.3 (2008)
ACT! for Windows Premium 10.0.3 (2008)

BusinessWorks version 2017--released 9/16

BusinessWorks version 2015--released 11/14

BusinessWorks 2015 Release Notes

Service Pack 9 for BusinessWorks version 2015

Service Pack 8 for BusinessWorks version 2013

BusinessWorks version 2013--released 7/13

Service Pack 8 for BusinessWorks version 2012

BusinessWorks version 2012--released 4/12

BusinessWorks 2012 Release Notes

BusinessWorks version 2011--released 1/11


Service Pack17 for BusinessWorks 2011-- includes tax cut extension enacted in February 2012

Service Pack 17 release notes


BusinessWorks version 2010--released 11/09

Service Pack 9 for BusinessWorks version 2010 (includes previous service packs) -- released 1/11

Service Pack release notes

BusinessWorks version 2009--released 10/08

Service Pack 11 for BusinessWorks version 2009 (includes previous service packs) -- released 2/10

Service Pack release notes

BusinessWorks version 8 (SP 3 included)--released 10/07


Sage Peachtree 2012
Peachtree by Sage 2010


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What's New

December 2018
Important Act Software Notice: If you currently use an older version of Act, you should consider upgrading to a newer version by December 31st, 2018 to ensure Act continues to function properly after January 1, 2019.

Versions Impacted: 17, 16, Sage Act 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006 and 2005
Why is this happening: A third party vendor made a change and you can read more here:

August 2018
Sage BusinessWorks 2019 is now available. See more details here.

July 2017
Swiftpage enters beta testing of ACT! version 20

March 2017
Swiftpage releases Act! version 19.1 (2017). Includes significant fixes to the initial release..

February 2017
Sage releases BusinessWorks 2017 service pack 2, with 2017 tax tables.

August 2016
Swiftpage releases Act! version 18.2. We have tested Sage BusinessWorks link through version 2017 with all desktop versions of Act! through 18.2 and found no issues--even though Sage no longer supports the link.

May 2016
Swiftpage releases Act version 18.1

March 2016
Sage releases Service Pack 9 for BusinessWorks 2015

July 30, 2015
Swiftpage releases statement about the compatibility of Act! with Windows 10 and the precautions to take before upgrading to it. See it here.

July, 2015
Act! version 17.2 released by Swiftpage. This release adds important new features and fixes issues with prior versions.

April, 2015
Swiftpage announces major product restructuring--Act! to be available on-site or in the "cloud", purchase or subscription.

January, 2015
Swiftpage releases Act! verson 17.1 to beta testers. This release has feature enhancements and solutions to problems found in prior versions.

November, 2014
Sage BusinessWorks 2015 is released. There are new reports, functionality enhancements, and problem fixes from the 2013 version. See release notes.

October, 2014
Swiftpage releases ACT! version 17: with integrated emarketing, which adds automation, send as, and more; the ability to attach documents from places like DropBox, Sharepoint and Google Drive, to fully connect you to where you store your documents; enhancements to web and mobile like CSV import and attaching a photo directly from your mobile device. - See more

July, 2014
Don Joseph announces merger of our Sage accounting with Sue Dunn at MicroAccounting Solutions and our ACT! practice with Brainsell Technologies, LLC to assure support for NCG's clients.

June, 2014
Northbrook Consulting Group forms alliance with Brainsell Technologies, LLC for ACT-related products and services. More to come.

May, 2014
Swiftpage announces future vision for ACT!, including summer release of ACT! Cloud and redesigned ACT! Hosted

April, 2014
Swiftpage releases ACT! version 16.1 with new features and problem fixes. Included is ACT! e-marketing, other new features, and maintenance upgrades.

March, 2014
Swiftpage releases beta of ACT! e-marketing and announces features for release 16.1 in April, 2014.

Febuary, 2014
Swiftpage announces plans for the all-new Act! Cloud, a direct-to-market, SaaS-only offering primarily targeted at entrepreneurs and micro/small business owners.

January, 2014
Northbrook Consulting Group's merger with Sue Dunn's firm (JDI Inc.) brings the gamut of Sage solutions to our clients. We can now sell and support Sage 100, Sage 200, Sage CRM in addition to Sage BusinessWorks, Sage 50, and ACT!.

July, 2013
Sage BusinessWorks 2013 is released

April, 2013
Featured Add-on of the month: QSalesData, allows connection of ACT! and QuickBooks--true CRM capabilities at a small business price.

October, 2012
ACT! HOSTED brings ACT! to the cloud. Northbrook Consulting Group brings it to you/

November 2011
Don Joseph receives certification as ACT! Premier Trainer and Sage BusinessWorks Certified Consultant.